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Decisions, Decisions - 5 Tips for Making your Final College Choice

By now you have probably received a number of college acceptance offers.  Congratulations!  Your hard work has paid off and now you have to choose by May 1.  Here are some tips you should consider before making the final choice.

1.  Research the Schools

With everything at your fingertips online, there is no excuse not to know about the school that you might be attending. How does the school portray itself?

The College List, Part II – 6 Research Tips to Help you Pinpoint the Best “Fit” Schools

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you probably already have a preliminary college list. So, what comes next? Research, research, more research…and a college visit.

Before you begin your research, construct a Word document, for the purposes of recording pertinent information about each school. The form should include the criteria that are most important to you. Headings might include: