college planning

Get a Job!

The job market is very confusing for millennials but employers seem to be saying that they are looking for a combination of “soft” (interpersonal/communication) skills and “hard” (technical/occupational) skills.  They want to hire hard-working, personable, knowledgeable, self-starting, organized problem-solvers.  Does this surprise anyone?

Decisions, Decisions - 5 Tips for Making your Final College Choice

By now you have probably received a number of college acceptance offers.  Congratulations!  Your hard work has paid off and now you have to choose by May 1.  Here are some tips you should consider before making the final choice.

1.  Research the Schools

With everything at your fingertips online, there is no excuse not to know about the school that you might be attending. How does the school portray itself?

When Students Move On…What’s a Parent To Do?

All across America, students are moving into their college dorms and saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. Though years have been spent preparing teens for this moment, not much thought has been given to helping parents acclimate to this new transition in their lives. So, what are parents to do when their child goes off to college and they feel the loss?

First, realize that this is normal. You have been caring for and protecting your child for 17 years or more and it’s only natural to feel a little lost and a bit sad.

School’s Out for Summer!

In 1972, Alice Cooper’s classic song became an anthem for all school children looking forward to the lazy days of summer. We enjoyed the long, sunny days and made the most of them by staying outside from dawn till dusk. We rode our bikes everywhere, built forts from construction scraps and ran through the sprinkler to cool off. Those were the days when kids’ lives were a little more carefree.

Today, summers are more planned.