College planning services are personalized to each client's needs.


Evaluating the student's high school record and future options

Assessing the student's interests, passions, likes, dislikes, strengths, motivations, learning disabilities, and goals

Evaluating academic, artistic and athletic promise

Discussing realistic opportunities and how to take advantage of them

Reviewing test schedule and test preparation

Considering financial aid options



The ROMAN Method


Assessing career goals and major options

Identifying interests, aptitudes, strengths, preferences

Evaluating study skills and time management techniques

Guiding and facilitating the student's college research

Investigating scholarships and financial aid opportunities



Collaborating with parents and students to compile a personalized college list, tailored to meet short and long-range goals

Providing college visit tips and checklists

Scheduling ACT, SAT, SAT Subject tests

Compiling college application deadlines and requirements



Creating a schedule for completion of each task

Brainstorming essay topics

Providing consistent, constructive feedback

Constructing a strong résumé/student brag sheet

Scheduling auditions, interviews, portfolio reviews



Assisting students with the complete application process

Providing guidelines for teacher recommendations

Editing essays and providing feedback to create stronger essays

Assisting students with scholarship and honors applications

Providing interview tips and role playing possible scenarios



Working with parents on their role in the college process

Evaluating college acceptances and financial aid, in order to make a final decision

Easing the transition between high school, home, and college