The College List OR Where do I Want to Spend the Next 4 Years of My Life?

Compiling your first college list can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when there are over 3,000 post-secondary options. So, how do you figure out which colleges or universities are best for you? Before you can construct a viable college list, you have to know who you are and what you want from your college experience. Though figuring this out is not always easy, if you ask yourself some key questions and do your research, you will end up with some excellent college options.

Here are 5 questions to help you define your college list.

Facebook and MySpace – Private or Not?

Every year, my husband and I offer an art scholarship to a high school senior who will be  majoring in an art-related subject in college.  This year, we had many qualified applicants.  Their grade point averages were high, their need was great, their art was creative, their essays engaging, and their teacher recommendations were, of course, glowing.  On first glance, they all seemed to be deserving candidates. I wondered how I was going to choose between them but then I had a thought…why not conduct a little amateur sleuthing on the internet to see what would turn up?